Making export documents for all vehicles with a Dutch registration

When you sell a vehicle with a Dutch registration abroad you can not overwrite the vehicle at the post office, there must be a so-called export document. This document is necessary in order to safeguard the current owner, road tax and insurance. The new foreign owner needs this document to obtain a valid registration in the country of destination. These documents can be provided by us.

You need:

  • Number plates of the vehicle
  • Registration papers of the vehicle
  • Exact mileage.
  • Identity of the foreign buyer
  • Address of the foreign buyer

Making export documents takes only fifteen minutes and for as little as € 50, –


If the buyer wants to take the vehicle is traveling to the new homeland, it is possible to conclude with us a temporary insurance. The buyer can then 14 days assured drive through Europe. The fee for this insurance is € 95, – including temporary registration plates.